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Rio secreto

Go on a stunning underground journey through one of the most breathtaking natural wonders of the Riviera Maya and discover the fascinating history hidden beneath the Earth´s surface at Rio Secreto a visual feast that will take you on an amazing journey.

Tulum- Coba-Cenotes

See the remains of the spectacular palaces and temples that rise on the top of a mountain and note that they still preserve their rich paintings and decorations. Discover the zac beoob (white roads) that reveal the infrastructure of the 10th century city. Admire the contrast of the beauty of this cultural emblem with the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.
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Experience the culture and nature of Mexico with the best benefits. Xcaret Plus invites you to delight in fine buffet restaurants, cool off in Underground Rivers, and relax at the inlet. The most complete and enjoyable experience of your vacation!


Capture extraordinary moments in more than 50 fantastic scenarios: pose in a tunnel of hearts, lift the weight of the world with your hands, float inside a pool without getting wet, kiss a giant stone face, be like Superman in the fortress of solitude, and visit the upside down house, among many others.


Kick start your adventure at Xplor All Inclusive in the heart of a natural environment where you will discover impressive ancient rock formations amongst other memorable activities. Partake in activities that utilize the safest and most modern equipment. Drive 10 km in our amphibious vehicles on and below the earth, navigate aboard our rafts on circuits stretching 530 and 570 m over crystal water, get a bird’s eye view of the jungle thanks to the 14 highest zip-lines in the Riviera Maya. Swim a Stalactite River, enjoy Spelunking inside ancient caves and have a cool Hammock Splash!